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Sounds like

ACDC, Guns and Roses, Motorhead

band members

Brad Marr - Vocals, Rythym Guitar Ben Sarros - Drums Jimmy Dee - Lead Guitar, Vocals Simon Klaaysen - Bass, Vocals


Metallica, Motorhead, ROCK N ROLL


Melbourne's newest 'Bad Boys of Rock' FASTRACK with their balls to the wall, in your face, high energy, high octane, fist pumping, foot stomping, head banging, beer drinking, out of control, brand of Rock'N'Roll are young, hungry and ready to kick your ass! Hailing from Melbourne and all in their early twenties, these four like minded mates got together simply to make some high energy rock'n'roll the way it should be! With plenty of out of control madness and an intense, energetic and entertaining live show that has seen their crowds grow and sell out a number of countless hometown Melbourne shows aswell as hitting the road together many times to rock venues all throughout Australia. They will no doubt get you tapping your foot on the floor while pumping your fist in the air and leave your ears ringing for days! It's no wonder why this band was the longest running unsigned band to feature on national radio Triple M in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a consecutive 4 weeks straight, showing that Rock & Roll isn't dead! It's loud and it's fast and you better be ready, coz FASTRACK's gonna rock the roof off a venue near you! So come and witness what Rock'N'Roll really does taste like...they dare you!