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the cat empire, Mad Caddies, Sublime

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+ Hughie Hoogie bear - Guitar, Ukulele and Lapsteel + Graham - Lead vocals and Guitar + Be Rad - Phat beats and epic taste buds + Costas Constantinou - Phat bass and funky greek swagger + Jess McFayden - Trumpet and science + Joel Aspinall - Saxophone + Curtis Scibilia - Trumpet + Josh Garnett - Son of Be Rad


Sublime, Ben Harper, Mad Caddies , The Cat Empire, Fat Freddies Drop



Fat Picnic is a soul-ska explosion that preaches punchy horn lines and bangin’ reggae beats - culminating in an energetic and infectious live show! Corrupted by an unquenchable lust for groove and outstanding noises, their music ranges across dub, funk, soul & ska. Simply put, there just ain’t no party like a Fat Picnic party!

Fat Picnic’s highlights include playing at Caloundra Music Festival 2 years in a row, Splendour in the Grass and being featured heavily on Roots and All for their single “Best of You”.

“I think this Fat Picnic song epitomises what people love about roots music...It’s also a little reminiscent of early Cat Empire.” (Nkechi Anele, Triple J) [About single ‘Best Of You’]

Hailing from a Brisbane street bearing his family name, Hughie Doherty started Fat Picnic in 2010. Nearly 10 years down the track, Fat Picnic are an Australian festival favourite with an energetic live show and super catchy, dance-able music. Their spiritual home and meeting place is in Brisbane’s vibrant West End, an inner city suburb full of arts, culture and music venues.

Stay tuned as Fat Picnic are due to release their debut LP in the later part of 2019. Featuring many fan favourites, this LP has been a few years in the making and is something the band and producers, Paulie Bromley and OJ Newcomb are very proud of and excited to be releasing.


Review by Kristy Barker Kritty Barker

16 Nov 2015

Triple J

my ears thank you very much and say they are having a fun time

my ears thank you very much and say they are having a fun time