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Electronic, Pop

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Amanpreet Rai (Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)


Hip-Hop/Dubstep, House, Rock


Born in India, a naturalized Aussie, 'Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss' is a part self taught and part classical trained musician. Having studied Piano from a Church pianist, drums from a Rock drummer, and after learning Guitar and Tumbi on his own, 'Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss' released his debut single 'Dance' (from his first album: 'I'm Fine') in July 2011. Since then he's developed a style of releasing album one single at a time, with 12th release completing his album. Currently he is working on his fourth album 'Galactic Rider Enchanted Angels Timeless Stories', which is a totally mainstream release, unlike his first three album which were heavily experimental in content and nature. With this fourth album, 'Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss' has become the first artist to use album art for his singles to tell a story of its own; the stories of 'Galactic Rider'.