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Hip Hop, Punk

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Amy Wright


Little Simz, Bruce Springsteen, Kendrick Lamar



FCK is the new punk/hip hop project from Amy Wright (formerly of Beloved Elk.) Although writing in a new genre, Wright’s rare talent for creating excellent songs full of brutal, autobiographical honesty shines through.
In the winter of 2018 FCK wrote and recorded 20 songs in 20 days, collaborating with local producer Baggy who would send a beat over each morning for FCK to work with in her home studio. On the 21st day, FCK culled 11 songs to leave the 9 tracks that make up Tape One.
This creative outburst came after six months of trying and failing to finish a solo folk album dealing with the break up of Beloved Elk and an 8 year relationship. The freedom, release and joy of letting go and starting something new can be heard throughout ‘Tape One,’ as FCK was shaped and crafted into a reality through every track.
FCK’s songs are about class struggle, gender and the noises in between. This couldn’t be more true of the brash, upbeat lead single ‘Masculine,’ while ‘Fighting On’ is an intimate and uplifting chronicle of Wright’s life and formative experiences; of her conviction to keep going, keep fighting and keep hustling at every turn. On ‘Tape One,’ FCK drags herself up from the depths using nothing more than her bootstraps, guts and sheer, absolute self-confidence. And in doing so, FCK drags us up with her.
FCK will launch ‘Tape One’ on Saturday August 10 at Nighthawks with support from post-punk industrial unit Bitumen, Yes Rave founder Simo Soo and Chihuahuahua, the brand new project from Celeste Potter, formerly of Ouch My Face, who will be playing their set live for the first time that night. Plus, Mo from Habits will be spinning tunes as DJ SpunkGunk.