Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Black Flag, Be Your Own Pet, Green day

band members

Chris - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Vic - Drums, Jarvis - Bass



Unearthed artists we like

As A Rival, Lizard Punch, SASSIN FRAS, Dixon Cider, euphoria.


"Feed My Frankenstein are a punk band who have three penises. They have been playing to raise money for their cheese addiction. Their favourite things include ponies and Zooey Deschanel. All Members hail originally from the country which means they are all pretty" - Feed My Frankenstein

Starting as a fun project for four bestest friends, Feed My Frankenstein have been playing around Melbourne venues concocting an EP dish best described as a 'Blow Out'. With a mix of dreamy distortion, trashy guitars, heavy bass, punching vocals and sassy drum-smacks Feed My Frankenstein create a sound that borrows heavily from the 90s and blends it with a riot and a pillow fight.

Debut EP 'Blow Out' will be self released in May '14