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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Small Faces, The Beatles, Dire Straits

band members

Mark Hunstone- guitar/ vocals James Montgomery- Bass/ vocals Nick Giles- Drums Pete Thomas- keys


The Beatles, Dire Straits, Small Faces


THE FELDONS sound as if they’d be much happier walking down Carnaby Street wearing paisley shirts or union jack waistcoats whilst being immersed in the spirit of the sexual and political revolutions of the sixties. Alternatively they could have quite happily been seen sitting on a jetty on the Mississippi listening to old blues men with gravel voices sing about working in the thirties. Or lazing on a punt in Oxford, or hustling in dark dingy 70s pubs. With a name derived directly from the 60s iconic pop TV program Get Smart, THE FELDONS have an interesting penchant for writing songs from any era, age or time. Melodic tunes interspersed with heavy blues and rock, soft country mixed with 1920s jazz and British influenced pop, it’s hard to pin a style upon these guys. This is a band who feel like they are taking you on a musical journey through the late sixties and early seventies, courtesy of tight pop tunes and glorious psychedelic workouts and thought provoking lyrics. They are pure swinging sixties, eschewing all the values of classic English pop in it’s heyday with snappy drum loops, wrapped around sun-drenched chiming guitars, fuzzy melodic bass and catchy melodies and lyrics. And yet a darker side also emerges in the deep blues rooted guitar licks of black America and frontier lives evoking images of slow rolling freight trains, dingy speakeasies, and the muddied waters of the deep south. THE FELDONS are an outfit that seem to hark back to a time when love was free, flower power was king, flares and big collars were the order of the day, and people were generally a little more chilled out than today. All they need now is an army of screaming women and their image would be complete, because this is a band worth listening to, and screaming about. Take the time and listen. You know it makes sense.


Review by qednet qednet

05 Nov 2017


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