Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Darren Hanlon, Josh Rouse, Duncan Sheik, Ben Lee, Ben Folds, Jack Johnson, Angus & Julia Stone

band members

Fergus Maximus - Vocals, sax, percussion; Kym Perry - Guitars; Jamie Harrison - Basses -- Joined on the 'Restless Soles' album by: Jarrad Payne - Drums; Mark Simeon Ferguson - Hammond organ, Piano; Ian Lehmann - Guitars; Restless Horns - Alex Taylor (trombone), Rob Chenoweth (trumpet), Jason McMahon (tenor sax), Alex Musolino (alto sax); Julian Ferraretto - Violins, Violas, Cellos; Backing vocals - Gail Page, Rachel Ferguson, Fergus Maximus and the Restless Horns


Neil Finn, Duncan Sheik, Sting, Joe Jackson, Madness, John Mayer, Seal, Miles Davis etc

Unearthed artists we like

Tales in Space, zkye, Tigertown, Rose Wintergreen



Adelaide-based ‘singer/storyteller’ Fergus Maximus has a captivating voice and a warm, amiable stage-persona honed over many years of performance. The singer/saxophonist has emerged as an engaging storyteller whose melodic pop/rock songs encompass all the important things—love, loss, mistakes, surprises and people’s astonishing capacity to miscommunicate—with wit, intelligence and fun.

After approximately forever, he has finally released his debut studio album 'Restless Soles'. The album is an anthology of short stories about people with itchy feet and the road in their eyes; about love, loss and memory and the things we hold on to.

Musically, the album is really varied. There are bouncy pop things, some soulful tracks with a horn section and gospel-inspired backing vocals, some rowdy pop/rock songs, a couple of sparse ballads and some things with strings including one track simply backed by a string quartet.

The album was recorded at Wizard Tone Studios in Adelaide and launched on Friday the 13th of July 2018 to a sell-out crowd at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide.

Visit the Fergus Maximus BandCamp store to get hold of the full album (you can even get a physical thing to hold in your hand if you are old school) or check it out on Spotify or Tidal or iTunes or Google Play or Amazon or ... seriously, wherever you usually get your music, it's probably there. And if it's not, drop us a line and we'll see if we can hook them up!

Bio photo by Ben Searcy