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Hip Hop

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FG - Producer FG - Emcee


Slug, de la soul, ATCQ

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FG has been involved in the hip hop scene in Melbourne and Perth for over 13 years. He has produced tracks for Funkoars, Muphin, Draino, Terra Firma, Phew, Crixus and probably a few others - though they rarely give him free copies of their albums. As an emcee he has dropped verses for albums by Muphin and Crixus as well as tracks for Culture of Kings 1 and Culture of Kings 2. Currently he's working on beats and verses for projects by Wisdom2th, Gbox and DJ Apt as well as two solo EPs. FG is a member of the cutting edge, Perth-based musical collective - The Community. His music is best defined as chopped breaks and soul samples laced with lyrics that actually mean something.