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Sounds like

Audioslave, Tool, Tomahawk

band members

Andy Foskett - Bass/Vocals, Chris Elzinga - Guitar, Jarrod Biesmann - Drums


At The Drive In, Faith No More, Muse

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Fighting Mongoose is an original 3-piece energetic rock band. Fighting Mongoose play an energetic, theatrical brand of Rock with tracks ranging from the bluesy rock ballad “Sleeping Life” to the tight thumping groove of “Coma-toes” to the eclectic and epic “Sixth Side” all with a unique “Fighting Mongoose” flavour. Their influences include Sparta, At The Drive In, Foo Fighters, Faith No More, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, The Mars Volta, Tomahawk, A Perfect Circle, Muse, Nirvana and Radiohead. The band formed in 2004 when members moved from around New South Wales to Lismore on the far north coast to study at Southern Cross University. Since then they have used Lismore as a base to play in the Northern Rivers and surrounding areas. Fighting Mongoose have been well received by eagre crowds on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and have proven themselves to be a vital element of the Northern Rivers live music scene with many successful shows in Lismore and Nimbin. They have also received radio airplay in the Northern Rivers region with tracks from their demo E.P and a few performances broadcast live from Southern Cross University. This year they will appear in the Southern Cross final of the Jim Beam National Campus Band Competition after knocking out last year’s winners in the first heat. Fighting Mongoose has also played as the house band for a TV show produced by media students at Southern Cross Uni. Fighting Mongoose attract a mixed audience ranging in age from 18 to 30 approx. with a variety of musical tastes, from blues, funk, rock, metal and hardcore to pop. Their music and stage presence demand attention and bring energy to any venue. Fighting Mongoose are looking to tour the east coast of Australia and are excited to bring their music to new audiences.