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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Ash Grunwald, Seasick Steve, The Black Keys

band members

Luke Marsh - Vocals, Guitar. Ed Noble - Drums, Vocals.



Filthy Lucre is a unique blend of aromatic blues and rock varieties, with a psychedelic finish that lingers softly on the palate. Being a two-piece outfit from the bowel regions of fruitful Adelaide, this tasty duo is available for your enjoyment immediately. Featuring Luke Marsh on vocals and guitar, and Ed Noble on drums and percussion, this duo aims to kick people in the gums with their high-voltage psychedelic thunder blues. "...Inevitably comparisons will be made with The Black Keys and The White Stripes, and why not. A drummer, a vocalist/guitarist delivering heavy distorted blues riffs, and distorted wailing vocals. I'm no expert in this genre, but I have listened to a few Keys and Stripes albums, and to this reviewer "Filthy Lucre" is every bit as good as their American benchmarks..." - EP Review by Phil Catley, MusicSA. "... they’re like ear-bourbon." - Ben Pitt, Twenty-Seven Music The two members had collaborated on a number of musical projects throughout the years, beginning with a high-school funk rock band called The Funky Scum Rumor. The band was also previously involved in such local acts as Penny Farthing & The Crash of 33 alongside artists Trevor Griffin (Mayqueen) and Gabrielle Hyde (Jekyll & Hyde) and also often backed up local hip-hop pioneer Koolta for his live performances. ‘Filthy Lucre’ was formed in March 2012 as a ploy to earn some cash through playing rock n roll pub music, however instead they immediately began accidentally writing original blues rock songs. After spending some weeks crafting an individual sound comprised entirely of overdriven and fuzzy guitars, booming drum grooves, and distorted vocals, the band had an arsenal of thunderous blues-influenced rock tunes which have since been likened to artists such as Ash Grunwald, The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, and Seasick Steve. Their debut self-titled EP was recorded by Luke Marsh in the basement of his house, using primitive recording techniques and equally primitive recording equipment, due to the band’s dire financial circumstances. The EP, consisting of 5 tracks including those released online for free streaming "Shot Like A Jackal", "Living Bad" and "Take It Slow", was produced and mastered by Luke on the same dodgy equipment. Filthy Lucre enjoyed the launch of their debut EP on the 10th of August 2012 at the Worldsend Hotel, performing several weekly shows leading up to the date around the Adelaide CBD and interviews on local radio stations Radio Adelaide and Three D Radio, on which the EP has seen regular rotation. The end of 2012 saw the band powering through Adelaide’s music scene, playing almost weekly since formation earlier in the year. Significant events in the band’s short history to date have been participation up to the finals of the National Campus Band Comp, performances at several festivals including Semaphore Music Festival, Scorcher Fest, and Montacute’s Common Roots Festival, performing at almost every available venue across Adelaide and the southern suburbs, and finally ending 2012 by taking out first place at the Seaford Tavern Battle of the Bands, winning the band $5,000 prize money and ongoing regular shows at the venue. Currently in 2013 the band has continued working harder than ever, playing over half a dozen shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and have also begun working on new material for their first full-length album to be recorded later in the year. Filthy Lucre can be seen live around Adelaide most weeks - check our Facebook page for updates: For general enquiries, contact Luke Marsh: For bookings, contact Lorna Mackenzie at Twisted Echidna Booking Agency: We would like to thank our friends, family, fans, fellow musicians and music business coordinators/members for your continual support and love. Enjoy responsibly.



15 Mar 2014


Awesome song, ro...

Awesome song, rocks the roof off

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29 Oct 2012


The front of my ...

The front of my trousers definitely didn't 'take it slow' while listening to this.

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08 Nov 2012


After the blues ...

After the blues rock bitch slap comes a little reprieve in "Take it Slow" the guitars relaxed ambiance makes it a great song to kick back and have a beer to. At nearing the end of the track comes a climactic mass of fuzz which again fades like the end of a late night bender when the sun begins to rise. The distorted vocals will ring out and get stuck in your head, helps you forget your hungover and stuck in a hot car at peak hour.

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