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Pop, Punk, Rock

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band members

Jayden Licht // Vocals Callum Johnson // Guitar/Vocals Branden Strahan // Guitar Sèamus Glenn // Guitar/Keys Christopher Hammersly // Bass Izaac Cioban // Drums


Nirvana, The Eagles, Violent Soho, Pearl Jam

Unearthed artists we like

Sahara Beck, Ivan Ooze, WAAX, Mosquito Coast, Hockey Dad, Skegss



After releasing their debut EP ‘Paper Cups’ late 2017 and playing countless shows afterwards the boys wanted to have some time to work on things. Now, after going quiet for a few months rearranging the band Finns are back with a fresh start with the release of their new EP ‘So Be It’ featuring their single ‘Raging On’.