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Ludavico Einaudi

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Just me, Fintan Alexander Oag.


Ludavico Einaudi, Bon Iver, Jacob Collier, Trent Reznor

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Tuva Finserås



Fintan Alexander Oag is a Melbourne based composer. After finishing his Bachelor's of Music in 2017, Fintan was faced with the beginners conundrum of not having worked for anyone when everyone's asking for your work. Instead of piling up the rejections, he figured he would start rescoring other people's work and quickly discovered he would rather write his own narratives to put music to. His sound varies with the tone of the story but takes inspiration from Bon Iver, Ludavico Einaudi, Jacob Collier, Peter Bence and Trent Reznor. His most notable work so far was his score for the short film "Hugs?" which received the award for best animation at the JMC Martini awards and was shortlisted at the 2017 Melbourne International Animation Festival.