Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Wilco

band members

Aaron Peacey - guitar/vocals, Lachlan Coventry - guitar/vocals, Daniel Kempers - drums, James Luke - bass


Radiohead, Hendrix, Tom Waites


‘…a sound which is diverse, dynamic and at times, well, odd.’ Emma Gibson - City News (Canberra) Fire On The Hill are a roots/rock band currently based in Canberra. Their sound is passionate, lyrical, sonically expansive and often quite serious with dark & dirty overtones. Some of their influences include (in no particular order): Pink Floyd, Tom Waites, Hendrix, Wilco, Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and The Beatles. Both Aaron and Lachlan sing lead vocals and write songs for the band. They each have their own distinctive sound. As a collective of experienced working musicians, the band draws influence from a diverse range of roots based styles, but with a broad approach that blurs the lines. Some of Fire On The Hill’s recent noteworthy achievements: • Showcase artist at the National Folk Alliance Convention 2005 • Played as part of the Brunswick Music Festival (support act for Sophie Koh), Melbourne, April 2006 • Played at Canberra Fringe (National Multicultural Festival) 2005 & 2006 • Support act for touring Canadian group Nine-Mile, ANU bar, May 2006