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Sounds like

Rura, Breabach, Lau

band members

Tom Morris - bagpipes, low whistle Vindan Manomohan - electric and bass guitar Andrew Dimitri - acoustic guitar Matt Ward - drums



Hailing all the way from the pristine eastern beaches of Sydney to the grimey Inner West, Fìrinn serve up a wild brew of Scottish trad, dirty riffs, pangs of bluegrass and straight up folky nostalgia.

Traditional melodies on the pipes and low whistle mash up with swirling electric guitar and big rolling grooves. Add some thumping beats and a rowdy stage caper and Fìrinn create a fiery dance floor, delivering a hot take on ancient and modern Scottish folk tunes.

Take the sounds of the untamed highlands, a pinch of sea-salt and a good swig of a Marrickville warehouse party and you've got yourself Fìrinn.