Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Incubus, The Kooks, Oasis

band members

Brett Pitman - Guitar and vocals, Tim Roberts - Drums and vocals, Ewan Austin - Bass, Chris Young - Guitar


Incubus, red hot chilli peppers, John Mayer


Through a combination of a passion and love for music, Fliptop begun and has grown since its beginning in mid 2010. It started with Tim and Brett playing as an acoustic guitar/drum duo, but they quickly realised they needed the skills of a bassist or another guitarist to fill out their sound. Seemingly as if he was called by a higher being, up popped Ewan Austin. Starting as a jam band playing covers, they begun to dabble in original songs, writing material with heavy influences from an eclectic mix of artists such as John Mayer, John Butler Trio, the Kooks and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Almost a year later the addition of a second guitarist Chris Young helped produce a larger, fuller sound, with Chris slipping in seamlessly. With Ewan heavily influenced by funk, Tim by funk and folk, Brett by blues and acoustic background, and Chris by rock and classical, Fliptop embraces these types of music and creates something of their own. Having only played for a relatively short time together the members of Fliptop are still learning each other and their playing styles, with exciting stuff to come. Add our Pages!!! Facebook page: Myspace profile: