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Rock, Roots

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Cale (the Chef) Fisher - vocals, Dale (Mufassa) Mallett -vocals/percussion, Jimmy (Guitars) Haseler - guitar/vocals, Johnny (Grandfather) Collins - bass, Dan (Watch your head) Taylor -drums, Rohan (High-brow) Nitschke - guitar, Ben (The Knibbler) - Sax/Flute


Bob Marley, Powderfinger, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin



Now this is the kind of music you want to be starting the weekend with, preferably chilling out in the sun with a cold one – Music Riot, UK.
The Floating Bridges (QLD) create infectious roots music, blending together big lively ska grooves, thick bottom end bass lines and smooth four part vocal harmonies – perfect for the dance floor!
The Sunny Coast 7 piece have long been known for their passion and dedication to music, culture, community, and the environment, forever paying respect to those who have gone before and the land they walk upon. They are avid ambassadors for Sea Shepherd and the Sunshine Butterflies.

In 2012, TFB released and toured (AUS/NZ) their first studio album ‘Chasing Sunsets’, with classic ‘Bridges’ tunes like ‘Soul Searcher’, an ode to living life free without negativity, and that’s what we ‘Like To See’, written about their journey’s in and around Byron Bay.

500 shows wiser, the band released their 2nd album ‘Creatures of Leisure’ (2015), gaining international exposure with ‘Dreamcatcher’, a song for the imagination, clipped with punchy rhythm guitar and the wah-wahing lead, fusing the two styles of Rock and Roots, to lay down a backing for Cale Fisher’s rasping delivery of a deliciously catchy melody. The very Australian dreamcatcher theme is echoed in the video clip, a surreal woodland combination of “Alice in Wonderland” and a dreadlocked Artful Dodger. The Floating Bridges spent the majority of 2015 touring the ‘Creatures’ album across Australia and the UK with feature performances at festivals like Boomtown Fair (UK), Secret Garden Party (UK), Big Pineapple (AUS) and Woodford Folk Festival (AUS).

2016 saw the release and tour of ‘Finer Things in Life’ across Australia, with its fresh vibes taking it to no.6 on the National AMRAP Regional Charts. Recorded at the Tanuki Lounge with Aria award winner Paulie B (George), this song shines a light on doing the things that make you happy, more often than not. ‘Finer Things’ is smooth, tasty and can be described as ‘just right for summer’!

2017 opens the door to new creativity for the ‘Bridges’, spending the first half of the year in the studio laying the foundations for their 3rd studio album which is to be released in November and toured nationally.

The Floating Bridges are on tour throughout May/June/July releasing their latest single ‘Power’ with shows across WA, NSW and QLD.

When you let your mind go, your body and soul will follow, until time becomes irrelevant and you’re simply dancing amongst friends.

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