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Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

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Caroline Polachek, ONUKA, Christine and The Queens, Willow Smith, Holly Herndon, Huntly, Jenny Hval, GIRLI, Angel Olsen, Alice Ivy



I'm an experimental pop gal from B-Rat in westy Vic. #3350 represent! I spend a lot of my weekends playing in excellent pubs in the Rat & Melb. I scored my first major festival in March at Grampians Music Festival after winning the Regional Electronic Producer competition and jumped on the lineup for my first live-stream fest Sanitise!

I make experimental pop music with jagged beats, spooky samples and lyrics to tell the story. Sometimes I rap, sometimes I sing, most of the time it's both. My music has been described as "something you'd probably hear on triple J" and "I could just sit and listen to this drunk in the bathroom", but my proudest description is when Ballaarat celebrity, Abby Ashmore, said I was a "bit of a punk".

If you've read this far and still want to know more, check out my track Haunt Me, released on a collaborative album by Big Sky Girls <3