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Punk, Rock

band members

Vox - Mel Bass - Alex Drums - Cam Guitar - Chris Guitar - Lucas



Flyball Gov’nor are a contemporary, progressive alternative band from Perth, WA who are destroying stereotypes, assumptions and social apathy in a wonderfully anarchic way.

Lead vocalist Mel Anastas is radically energetic and joyfully fearless, maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s being a woman over forty who shreds like a maddog.

The ensemble of bass, lead & rhythm guitar and drums fits together like some kinda midnight musings found under Nikola Tesla’s mattress. Tight, innovative, dynamic, the band works together to produce an unlimited energy which consistently excites and electrifies audiences.

Deriving their name from the elegant steam engineering which formed the inception of computer math, Flyball Gov’nor pulls no punches in fighting the entropy, slapping feedback into the society it operates in.

And the band walks the talk, often found battling for more opportunities for the local music
community within the gatekept industry in Perths’ tiny music scene.