Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Tool, Silverchair, karnivool

band members

Chris Micallef - Guitar/Vocals Jarred Ward - Lead Guitar Paul Barrett - Drums Blake Mills - Bass


Flying Giant is the name on everyone’s tongue in Coffs Harbour. Forging a path through unprecedented aural territory for this region, the band creates an overwhelming recipe of auditory flavours, leaving audiences ravenous for more. In the one year since their explosive entrance to the scene – taking out second place in a battle of the bands – the boys have already accomplished some impressive milestones. Supporting the likes of Kingswood, Twelve Foot Ninja, Jericco, Calling all Cars, as well as playing at the Wallapalooza festival on the Gold Coast, and the Headspace and M.A.D.E festivals locally. But the biggest achievement by far was dominating a battle of the bands which secured them a slot at Vans Warped Tour Australia. Frequent local shows and extensive touring are not all they’ve been busy with. In September 2013, the band and their instruments piled into a car making the voyage to Melbourne. There, at the prestigious Red Door Sounds with Tyson Fish at the helm, the band recorded their debut EP. The five tracks were then mastered by the highly acclaimed Forrester Savell. The EP is nearing the end of its gestation and is set for release March 2014. Forming in 2011 and originally known as ‘Shepherd’, co-founders Chris and Jarred initially based the band in Melbourne. After a long period of song-writing, they were ultimately unable to find musicians to fill the ranks and returned home to Coffs Harbour to unite with Paul and Blake. Each member brings their own eclectic tastes to the group, yet some more than others such as Tool, Karnivool and Silverchair. At the core of their style is the ideology of progressive music and an overtone of 90’s grunge. The band is constantly trying to evolve their sound and push the boundaries of their song-writing, creating original and engaging music that takes great leaps with each stride. This is already apparent just by comparing the songs in their live set. But to do that you would have to get to a show now wouldn’t you?