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Punk, Rock

band members

Captain Arresto - Vocals, Indy - Vocals, Camilo - Guitar, Benn - Bass, Beanz -Drums, Feather - Keyboard


The flying rats got their name from their first audience... the pigeons that use to get into their squatted band practice room. Like pigeons The Flying Rats may not be everyone’s favourite thing... and they don't want to be. They aren't playing to please others, they aren't playing for fame, they aren't playing to get rich or be the most punk people in the world... they are playing because they love music, the D.I.Y. attitude and to create what they wanted in a music scene rather just waiting for it to come along. Like pigeons they take over a wasted space and make it their own - Practicing in squatted spaces, running gigs under bridges and in unused building. The Flying Rats are raw, aggressive and have something to say. Captain Arresto This crazy specimen that looks more like a reject from the bear float at the Sydney Mardi Gras festival than your poster punk image, drunkenly came up with the idea for the band at Colombian Daniels going away party and in a miracle remembered to get in contact with the people he harassed about playing in it that night. The former guitarist of from the pirate folk punk band Gentlemen's Riot likes to pretend he has come far from singing and dancing naked for his girlfriend but maybe the only improvement is that he is wearing clothes when he sings. Indy A punk with the influence of a true hippy. Although he might scare your grandma by sight, she will be more charmed by him than anyone you know after he talks to her for two minutes. He has more love for his friends than anyone could expect but is still not afraid to get fired up and angry about what counts. His punk rock raw and can do attitude pores out through his vocals. P.S. He is a ranger. Camilo The Colombian guitarist that makes us seem exotic. The former member of PrePuxio brings the raw influence of South American punk and rebellion. His alcohol fuelled drive won’t let anything stop him from playing a gig – not even the lack of instruments. Mad Benny The Canadian peter pan of the band that likes to dream big. When he isn't on his skate board he is playing with that thing that hangs at his thighs... no not that... his bass. Feather She originally joined the band as an imaginary triangle player so we could scam more spots on the door and more riders when we played gigs but somehow ended up our keyboard player. She may look cute but can deliver a mighty hard kick to the balls when antagonised. Beanz The former drummer from Not Quite Special and Scray Fish may not be recognisable now after doing his Clark Kent/Superman trick and losing his glasses. He seems to have come a long way and has now worked out that drum sticks are made for hitting drums, not sicking up his ass... and let me tell you he hits them well.