Artist info


Indie, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Mac Demarco, Jeff Buckley, Marlon Williams

band members

Tom Kakanis


Van Morrison, Mac Demarco, Marlon Williams, Tame Impala, Kevin Morby

Unearthed artists we like

May Lyn, Lava Nova, JayCee, Passion Cactus, Amela



Upcoming Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Fonz Whaler is the acoustic solo project of Tom Kakanis. Fonz whaler presents an honest show with the intention of creating connection and moving his audience. Renowned for his intricate guitar work and crooning, earnest vocals, his music gently tugs at the heart strings and powerfully stirs the spirit.

Having recently performed at the Queensland Music Awards as May Lyn's guitarist, 2018 also sees Whaler embarking on his first tour around Australia in July, playing shows in Melbourne and Sydney amongst Brisbane psychedelic rock bands Passion Cactus, Vesper Green and, lavish RnB singer Arig.

Fonz Whaler is releasing his third record 'Some Days' in the later months of 2018. He continues to develop a relationship with his fans as he delves deeper into the word of live performance.

"Fonz Whaler’s debut EP is a smoggy recount of solitude – fuelled by playful melodies, bow-legged instrumentals and every weird conversation you’ve probably had with your-self after 2am." - Who the

"While some records evoke specific memories or recall particular events, be they physical, spiritual, or otherwise, some are executed with such sonic precision that they are actually able to inspire sensations the listener has not actually felt. The mostly instrumental EP is like post-rock without the noise, which has been supplanted by duelling clean tones that are sweet and lush." -