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Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

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Denzel Curry, A$AP Ferg, Flatbush ZOMBIES, Aesop Rock, RHCP, S Club 7



Sugar, spice and poor advice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the quick-witted, sarcastic and unapologetic wordsmith known as foolish.

Since 2012 the BNE native has been exercising his right to rap at whoever and whatever will listen. Making his mark in the River City hip-hop scene with fast-tongue, lyrically complex verses coupled with pronounced & disgustingly catchy hooks. Over the past 24 months foolish has supported the likes of Futuristic, Big Village, Raekwon & Slick Rick, so you’d be hard pressed to find a venue in this town foolish hasn’t tainted with his supremely strange energy.

Rhymes riddled with potent wordplay & pop culture references that bear an undeniably dark yet sarcastic tone, foolish is almost a new species of rapper entirely.

foolish’s JOHN HAMMOND EP is due mid 2018 but in the mean time keep your eyes fixed on the obnoxious Brisbanite for more beautifully chaotic music.