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Rock, Metal

band members

Jamie Page (vocals/bass) Daniel Page (guitars/vocals) Kellie Buckman (guitars) Andrew Knox (drums/percussion)


Brisbane's Forever the Optimist are a four-piece heavy/prog/rock/post outfit who have been conspicuously and surreptitiously clawing their way through the ranks of Brisbane's heavy alternative scene. They have been relentlessly touring the East Coast of Australia on two headline tours so far in 2013. The band have visited Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, playing iconic venues such as The Espy and The Bald Faced Stag along the way and sharing the stage with artists such as Strangers, Ezekiel Ox, Jericco and more. Forever the Optimist are; Jamie Page (vocals/bass), Daniel Page (guitar/vocals), Kellie Buckman (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Knox (drums). They formed in June 2010 and has since shared the stage with some of the biggest names in modern Australian music including Grinspoon, Calling All Cars, Redcoats, Harmonic Generator (France), Helm, Electric Horse, Thousand Needles In Red and Floating Me. Early in 2012, producer Gareth David from Tall Poppy Productions, lit the fuse on what will become the band’s debut full-length album. Their first dip into the waters, video and single 'Enter, Circus' was released in November 2012 with 'Warning Horns' following in April 2013 to critical acclaim. Triple J's Dom Alessio: "If you're into Karnivool or Dead Letter Circus, give these guys a listen. Some promising alt rock from Brisbane." With the album nearing completion, the band are primed to release 'Revolutions', an expansive, dark and emotive track in September, 2013 and will once again be hitting the road over October and November for their third national tour this year. The album is set to be a melting pot of exciting, extraordinary songs that push the boundaries of modern alternative rock, vocally and instrumentally. The album will feature music somewhat reminiscent of progressive structures and contrast heavy, aggressive riffs with exquisite, unforgettable melodies. Forever the Optimist have set out to write an album that explores the odd psychological motivations that alter our normal decision making process into something that distorts our moral and ethical standards.