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Sounds like

Black Tongue, Sworn In, Alpha Wolf, The Gloom In The Corner, Rex, Honest Crooks

band members

Vocals - Brodie Servin Guitar - Zac Day Guitar - Bailey Sheehy Bass - Scott Jones Drums - Nazareth Tharratt


Alpha Wolf, Sworn In, Reflections, Yüth Forever, Rex



We are a 5-Piece Deathcore/Groove band originating from and stretching along the East Coast of Australia, formed in 2018 rising from the ashes of The Sign of Four and Final Form.

Our debut single Rotten Mind (feat. Alex Teyen of Black Tongue) and accompanying music video is available for streaming on Youtube and all major platforms. We are due to release our debut EP that has been in the process of creation for over a year within the coming months.

Our EP Release Tour dates will be announced soon after.