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Punk, Metal

Sounds like

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trap Them, Converge

band members

Förstöra: Ben Lockhart - Guitar, Denis Radacic - Vocals, Adam Round - Drums, Dan Feist - Bass


Neurosis, Skitsystem, Meshuggah


We live in a media maelstrom, a convergence of art and ideologies, creation and destruction. For the first time ever, our landscape is a distraction unto itself, and while the masses watch the horizon, the common well is spoiled by diluted memories of ideas once great. We crave something real, something from the soil. Australian hardcore collective Förstöra are devoid of reflection. The noise and neon slide by them as they work, intent on laying waste to anything without anchorage, taking contemporary punk, rock and metal forward as so much around them recedes. Conceived by ex-Headshot guitarist and songwriter, Ben Lockhart, Förstöra’s composition is as deliberate as it is rich. Members, Lockhart, bassist Dan Feist, vocalist, Denis Radacic and drummer Adam Round have a shared history of immersion within Australian hardcore, and their desire to now take that music forward is their only purpose. With his earliest roots in the revered Swedish hardcore scene, Förstöra vocalist, Denis Radacic trades in tirades. Utilizing both English and his native Swedish tongue, Radacic’s attack is an inimitable call to action, his bilingual onslaught matched only by the musical barrage it must continually breach. If an idiosyncratic calling card must be offered, Förstöra’s is the ability to recall the strongest representations of their revered genre, while bringing new elements into the fold; a Swedish heritage, an Australian perspective and a desire to create the strongest, most bludgeoning music heard in their own, or any other land. While young, Förstöra has wasted neither time nor opportunity. The menacing four piece has already shared stages with heavyweights such as Converge, Old Man Gloom, Karnivool, Coil-Guns (feat. members of The Ocean) and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving; under their own banner, the band released a crushing salvo in the form of debut single, Inevitability in late 2012. From these earliest of days, Förstöra is currently in the studio, working toward their debut album due for delivery in late 2013. The band will be touring nationally in support of the release. Contact - Visit -