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Indie, Roots

band members

Josh Beattie - vocals/banjo/accordion Amela Djuherič - vocals/guitar/piano Jacob Clarke - vocals/violin/cello Matt Malone - vocals/guitarrón/mandolin


The Forty Thieves thieves started off as a humble four piece hailing from all different corners of Brisbane. Since their inception in June 2011, they have gone on to write and record many well thought-out and instrumentally rich folk songs, (whilst still remaining a humble four piece!) Even though the thieves started off with only a handful of instruments and some simple ideas, over time they’ve substantially widened their instrumentation and in doing so have created a rather eclectic sound. With Josh Beattie on accordion, banjo and guitar; Amela Duheric on guitar, flute/piccolo, autoharp and banjo; Jacob Clarke on cello and violin; and Matt Malone on the mexican guitarrón. It would be an understatement to say that they badly need a van. Still fresh to the Brisbane music scene, the Forty Thieves have been working their way onto the playlists of fans everywhere, one gig at time. Approaching everything with a DIY mentality, you’ll find that not one Forty Thieves song has been recorded at only one location. With attention to detail in all their creations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the thieves have in store.