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Hip Hop, Roots

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Fowl Mouf Murk


Black Hippy, Freddie Gibbs, Psychopathic Records



Holding it down for Rockdale,NSW and South Auckland,NZ Fowl Murk is just your regular teenage highschool student with a whole lot of energy. Fowl started off making his own beats, writing and recording his own raps at the age of 15, moving back and forth between Auckland, NZ and Sydney, AU, Fowl decided to stay in sydney and started working with music project Heaps Decent. With the assistance of Heaps Decent facilitators, he has started to really take his sound to the next level. Look out for Fowl Murk the smiley assassin. Together with his Terrible Twinz brother, Medz the Misfit they are helping to make Juggalo an acceptable form of music.