Artist info


Dance, Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Cat Empire, Sasquatch, Caravana Sun, Seinfeld Funk

band members

Lead vocals - Taylor Clyde (Foxy Cleopatra) Trumpet - Andres Herero Lead Guitar - Tate Abel Acoustic Shreds - Zen Pointon Bass Guitar - James Lambert Drums - Blake Lambert


Is there any chance of a revival of what once was? Will our beard-covered ears and sun washed eyes ever get to experience the funk infused indie-rock tunes that our forefathers and mothers created? Must our bones stay captive to a life of forced dance renditions or will they finally be set free to move and groove as they involuntarily choose? Will there ever be an answer to these questions? Will we ever understand musical ecstasy? Will sonic bliss find us?
While the answer to these questions obviously cannot be satisfied with a simple yay or nay response, perhaps a simple melodic movement will tease the auditory cortex of our tender brains into a submission to sounds like never before. Indeed, the expedition to discover sounds so luscious will certainly leave the adventurer addicted to the adventure. A lust for listening which may not be so easily tamed.
Subscribe at your own discretion, but take caution. For when you are left with a lust so lethal, and when you arrive at an addiction so addictive, the sounds which fill your craving cranium will not quench your thirst, but rather will drive holes into the depths of your stomach, leaving you ever-hungry for more.
If you choose to follow your current route, beware that you have been warned, and that the warning will stay, but will not be repeated or added to. Because with too many words, the truth becomes diluted. And we are not here to play the boy who cried wolf. We are the wolf’s cousin, and we are much more fierce.

We are Fox Holmes. Are you ready to move?