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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop

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Scott Simington


Animal Collective, Pink Floyd


Foxquel Pope is Scott Simington from Melbourne. He makes psychedelic music in his bedroom. All albums are available for a free download from his bandcamp:

Scott began writing music every day in 2011 after an intense long term psychotic episode. The music was written with an acoustic guitar and recorded on the in-built microphone on a macbook.

He released his debut EP "The Othertide" in 2014, which was comprised of 8 guitar pop songs, although it wasn't until 2015 when Scott discovered sampling, and began cutting up other peoples music, that a whole world of ideas presented themselves. "Dreamer" - a compilation of sample based dance tracks was released in 2016.

Later that year, after pressing play halfway through a song he'd recorded and hearing a jarring snippet of his own vocal harmonies, Scott had the idea to apply the same sampling techniques he'd used on other peoples music to his own recordings. He began chopping up clips of himself singing and arranging them. His debut album "This" was then released in 2017 - a concept album about schizophrenia/hearing voices, and is comprised mainly of samples of his own voice, along with drums, guitar, and synths.

In 2018 Foxquel Pope released 4 albums: "Whim" - a compilation of b-sides and demos, "Aim High" - a piano based Steve Reich-influenced album, "Required Music" - another vocal-sample based album, except a more positive effort, and "The Draught" - an intentionally unfinished album.