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Frank Dixon writes, records and produces his own songs in a bedroom studio in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

At just 17, Frank has had a wild musical journey to date. So far, he has won the Australian U18 Singer Songwriter Awards (ASA) twice (at both 12 and 15 years old), he was flown to the US at 11 by Atlantic records to write with Grammy Award winning artists, he has played in towns and cities all over Australia, has written with Marcia Hines, has won the best song at the LA short film festival, has released lots of songs to itunes and so much more. With that said, Frank doesn’t like being known for the accolades so lets talk about him…..

Frank is known for his wonderful compositions and flowing musicianship. Inside Franks songs lie vulnerable stories and conscious musical meanderings. His vocal’s sit high above pop hooks. Its often hard to believe he produces his own material at just 17.

In his day to day life Frank has a strong view of the world and is constantly appreciative of the simple things.

Frank is a firm believer that mainstream media does nothing for the collective conscious. In fact when turning on the evening news and watching a story on a person who called their next door neighbors dog, ‘a dog’, he feels violated. Frank doesn’t feel violent tendencies at any other time in his life except for mainstream news hour. Its more like watching someone watch the football than the news.

To be Frank is to be mindful. Frank loves to write songs in Melbourne’s finest hipster café’s known for their amazing coffee. Frank is certain that the person with most ink serves the best coffee. Coffee is religion and the places of worship are scattered through Melbourne in the form of hipster cafés. When it comes to coffee, Frank is a religious man.

Frank is passionate about his new live show which he takes on the road in late 2016. The core of this show is a solo performance which sees Frankie dancing between acoustic instruments including guitar and piano, to samplers, percussion and all backed by his own light show.

When we say ‘his own light show’, Frank has created his own LED light prototype, imported in parts and encouraged by his grandfather who shares an acute form of technological madness. Frank’s love for technology is part of his show.

For Frank the music is a small part of what’s next. The show he takes on tour over 2017 will be a sensual experience of lights and sound.

Frank will also be releasing singles regularly to unearthed over the next 12 months. Make sure you are connected and keep up to date with the awesome new music and tour dates.