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Metal, Rock

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Danbok - Vocals Azzabok - Guitar Yetibok - Guitar Timbok - Bass Mikbok - Drums


Frankenbok – where did I come from? Always having been a bit of a bull in a china shop Frankenbok has once again stumbled in and crushed everything under its dirty hooves. Turning around to piece it back together – everything gets levelled. This bull is one delicious steak dinner just waiting to happen. If you can eat the whole thing – you get a free T-shirt. For a band that is all opposable thumbs they certainly know how to pull it out of their collective butts. Wink, smile, and fuck you. Frankenbok – what gives? Frankenbok has always maintained a very healthy interest in planet earth and its inhabitants. While the vast influences on the band can be heard, they always seem well and truly dissected, ingested and regurgitated first. You get the feeling Frankenbok, through trial and error, came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people – Those who need to be told & those who wanna figure it out for themselves… even if it stings. The question is not who are you? Rather – WHERE WERE YOU? Frankenbok – are we gonna like your old stuff better than your new stuff? The new album thrashes & sweats and once again proves that you cannot go to hell without a guitar solo. Thematically speaking, the new album is about humans behaving badly: What really happens when stupidity and ignorance run rampant under the guidance of self appointed cult leaders? Herd mentality, mob behaviour, media frenzy etc. Before (insert pre-fab bogey men here…Osama Bin Laden, Jason Voorhees, Tiger Woods) there was Colonel Gaddafi. For someone feared, loathed and vilified in the 80’s, he has come across in the 21st century as a wise forward thinker. As compared to who and what? Well, to us in this country and our western friends that’s for sure. Gaddafi did a recent press tour with his all female entourage of body guards – a display of one man’s belief in equal rights. The fact that they were trained killers may make them more equal than others…. Hence the new Bok song, Women’s Libya. Frankenbok – are we there yet(i)? If the lyrics on the new album leave any doubt about Frankenbok’s social political ponderings - the artwork, hand painted by Tom Emery will help illustrate it for you. It’s kind of a Where’s Wally meets Mad Magazine picture of the afore mentioned Express Elevator to Hell. Tom sat in on many Frankenbok rehearsals over the last 2 years. Smoking, sketching and occasionally telling the band: “That’s rad.” Tom is an old school chum of Danimal’s and is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Think Indiana Jones meets Freddy Krueger. Frankenbok – The Iron Chef: Mikbok serves up many tasty chicken wings and well timed sweet frost blast beats. Mick: “How the fuck am I supposed to know what to play back here if you guys don’t know the riffs properly??” Hazzard: “Just watch me for the changes and try to keep up, ok?” Tim Finish Him: “Hey Danimal, are we gonna call it Genetic Lego or Leggo’s Al Dente?” Yeti: “Lesbos.” Danimal: “Don’t let the beard fool you.” Frankenbok in the pressure cooker: The album was written and recorded at “The Mill”. Frankenbok have jammed there since 2008. It is the first batch of songs written from scratch with the weirdo beardo line up that performed on the Last Ditch Redemption. As usual Reggie Bowman was omnipresent to help map out the audioscape. Reggie (in response to some garden variety Frankenbok griping): “Well, it’s unfortunate the world doesn’t realize how great you guys are but that’s no excuse to stop making music”.