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Hip Hop, Electronic

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Krazie Kraze, Optimystic, Illuminousity

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Krazie Kraze


The Freakz of The Nature '2000Zen' album launch Friday 20th April 2012 8pm - Midnight The Railway Hotel, 44 Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle $10 entry including a free copy of the album A night of live hip hop featuring The Freakz of The Nature Trooth Wisdom 2th DJ LXD (melbourne) plus a hip hop open mic session from 8:30pm - 9pm To say it's been a long time coming would be an understatement. The Freakz of The Nature formed back in 1996 before Australian hip hop was mainstream. Featuring Optimystic as an MC and Krazie Kraze also as an MC, as well as providing production, they were joined by their 3rd MC, Illuminousity in 2002. In 2004 they released their 6 track EP 'Artistic Integrity' featuring the single ‘Futuristic Mystics’. Many gigs and a couple of years later saw Optimystic and Illuminousity move to Sydney and the members focus on solo projects. In 2009 they started recording what would surprisingly be their debut album '2000Zen'. With parts of the recording & mixing process spread out between Perth and Sydney, plus scratches by DJ LXD and mastering by Jack The Bear in Melbourne, it’s been a nationwide project. 2000Zen sees Krazie Kraze step away from production and introduce two new producers. Perhaps what may be called a concept album, 2000Zen is split into two halves… "2000" and "Zen". The 2000 chapter has 5 tracks produced by Perth based producer Loftee, creating an up-tempo electro/dubstep/dance influenced slice of hip hop. On the flipside, the dark and down-tempo trip hop influenced Zen chapter has 5 songs produced by Sydney producer Max Taylor. 2000Zen is a massively diverse collection of songs, all while still maintaining it’s roots in hip hop. With everything from a special feature by Speech from legendary US hip hop act Arrested Development in the track ‘Impeccable Speech’, to a paranoid opera vocal wailing away in the chorus and verses of debut single ‘Thoughts In My Head’. Lyrically, it’s mostly, politically… conscious rap style verses that are typically… the signature of The Freakz past. This equates to the sort of album you should expect from The Freakz of The Nature. Not many music artists or bands are still together 15 years on, let alone releasing their debut album, but the time is right for The Freakz sound. After a slamming Sydney album launch, Illuminousity and Optimystic are now based back in Perth… expect The Freakz of The Nature to have their biggest year to date, being able to focus on more energetic live shows than has been possible in recent years, with a fresh album to back it up.


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

09 Jan 2012

Triple J

There's probably the sound of a kitchen sink in here somewhere but the busy, no-holds-barred approach seems to fit you guys well.

There's probably the sound of a kitchen sink in here somewhere but the busy, no-holds-barred approach seems to fit you guys well.