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Pop, Punk, Rock

band members

Frenchy Zach Gervaise Romie 'Shred & Chegg' Mitch 'Hot Dawg'


Steel Panther, Lou Bega, Rebecca Black

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Frenchy & The Talent are a new Aussie rock band featuring 4 talented musicians and 1 untalented giraffe.
The boys all hail straight outta Wollongong and in February 2018, they released their debut album ‘Bangerz & Trash’ which peaked at #8 on the iTunes charts.
With hits such as ‘Shoey’, ‘Friendzone’ & ‘Death of a Mate’, it’s only a matter of time until Frenchy & The Talent are headlining Coachella, Glastonbury or at least Dapto RSL.
They are currently unsigned & draw their influences from artists such as Rebecca Black, Lou Bega, The Vengaboys, Slayer & Vanilla Ice.