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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Strokes

band members

Brooke - Bass Sasha - Keys Tahlia - Drums Liv - Guitar Deity - Vocals Jaylen - Vocals


Arctic Monkeys, Snailmail, Green Day, Gang of Youths, The Jungle Giants

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‘Friday and OJ’ is a 6-piece Indie Rock band from South Australia composed of Brooke Squire on bass, Sasha Theunissen on keys, Tahlia Borg on drums, Jaylen Rintoul on vocals, Olivia Hawkins on guitar and Deity on vocals . Their individual music influences range from a variety of genres such as punk, indie, pop, rock, which come together in their writing. With their up-coming single release of their song ‘Ideals, they hope to continue writing more phat tunes as well as expanding their fan base and sharing their music with the world.