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Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Barnaby Baker, Thomas Bowie & Barry McBride


INXS, Thompson Twins, M83, The Cure, The Police, Cigarettes After Sex, U2

Unearthed artists we like

Slowly Slowly, Hatchie, City Calm Down, GANG OF YOUTHS, Mazy



As the name would suggest, Friends of Friends started out as exactly that. Meeting by chance through mutual friends, Barnaby and Tom began trading demos and musing over their shared influences. Soon after, Tom reconnected with childhood friend Barry after walking into a barbershop where Barry was working. After a haircut and lengthy catch up, Friends of Friends was formed.

Setting the tone with ambient soundscapes, off centred riffs and brazen percussion, Friends of Friends draws from an introspective view of coming-of-age in coastal towns across Queensland. With a new wave influence complimented by post-punk and electronic, their sound entangles the line between pop, melancholic alternative and dance. Having stark contrasts in lyrical and sonic themes, Friends of Friends oppose percussive, tight licks and screaming guitar lines with moody atmospheres and a dance-driven bass that rests upon infectious drum rhythms.

With the release of their debut EP ‘Memory Motel,’ Friends of Friends is creating ambitious alt-pop that will have you dancing with your friends, or comforting you when they aren’t around

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Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

14 Aug 2018

Triple J

Sparkling guitar parts and wavy synths that'll make fans out of 1975 loyalists

Sparkling guitar parts and wavy synths that'll make fans out of 1975 loyalists