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Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Dead Kennedy's ,Thee Oh Seas , Beethoven , Eddy Current Suppresion Ring +, Lightning Bolt , C.W Stoneking

band members

P.Bibby - Vocals+Guitars &. Mackattak - Drums+Vocals


Drinking, Vomiting, Dancing, , Partying, Laughing, Cuddles, , Looking at things then thinking about them then...


Frozen Ocean was born in 2003 when Mackay Smith and Peter Bibby started hanging out, tapping tunes on tables n saucepans with an unplugged electric guitar. They spent years without performing in public rather fine tuning and working on weird timings which break the normal musical trends and writing lyrics which made each other laugh. They crept down from the hills and started performing on the Perth scene. After releasing a few cd's, cassettes, a vinyl as well as featuring on a few split albums and being on iTunes they did a few dates through Melbourne. On top of this they have managed to play gigs back in Perth with Andrew W.K, Thee Oh Seas, Ceremony, Dune Rats, Pond and Bleeding Knees Club. "We are proud of the monster we have birthed." -Proud parent's Macka & Pete It is a behemoth, whose roar swiftly enraged the petitions from neighbors and visits from the police, leaving the their first audiences speechless and everyone else wondering if what they had seen was some kind of new age progressive punk though just ended up calling it “Holy shit, what just happened”. q Snoises is Frozen Oceanʼs second official full length CD release, following Initial Mission in September 2010. In addition to their CD releases, Frozen Ocean have released two DIY cassettes this year. The first, Bring the Thunder sold out on the night of release and the second, was recently released as a split cassette with Clean Living on the Future Past Label. Snoises was recorded by Adam Burges and mastered by Steven Hughes of Injured Ninja. It proves to be their loudest, most eclectic mix of punk, blues, metal, folk and grunge fuzzed-out noise. Easing you into the record is ʻDark Jangleʼ, which misguidedly lures you in with a folk bluegrass twang then the record blasts you through a raucous party of hardcore punk and noise up to ʻBizkitsʼ and their beautifully messy ballad beast "Cordial" "If there is one Perth band you have to make the effort to go and see, make it Frozen Ocean. They are a band that will undoubtedly blow up soon. The two-piece are not just skilled musicians – they are great performers. Walking on stage smeared in grease, they scream and moan their way through a brilliant set, filled with hilarious, ironic observations. go see them. soon...." "Most of the material here avoids dabbling with songforms and focuses instead on the facekicking interplay between Macka and Bibby, which is central to the appeal of ‘Snoises. Tempos and structures are cycled through and slashed at until they start to bleed around the mouth a bit, then discarded." - Alex Griffen: "Frozen Ocean are the perfect punk band for the twenty-first century: their overarching, rough-and-ready sound is ‘dumb,’ but their songs are freakishly clever, taking constant nosedives into unexpected tempos, time signatures and popular music genres. It’s a bizarre, nonsensical, but still alluring mélange – which would be a fairly accurate way to describe Western, post-The Simpsons youth culture today. But the best thing about Frozen Ocean is that they aren’t thinking about shit like that when they’re up on stage – they’re just roaring through tune after irreverent, blistering tune, be it the grin-inducing ‘So Much Piss,’ the ear-worm ‘Carstairs’ or the unstoppable ‘Biskit.’ " -Lyndon Blue: