Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

a bitta this , a bitta that, maybe a sprinkle here, maybe a sprinkle there

band members

Charlie Ross - Guitar, Vocals Frazer McDonald - Drums Kevin Flegg - Bass Finley Beasley - Keys, Guitar


The Med Heads, Beta Max Royale, Proselenes, OOF, Arachnids


Fungas are making heavy psych rock that tries to wrench its way deep inside your eardrums and camp out in your brain matter, burrowing deep into your musical consciousness. Their latest single, "Theory Of The Mind", is a step back from the fuzzed out guitars and represents just a slice of what is slated to make an appearance on an upcoming EP. Following their debut release of EP, "Crocadilla Bonepipe", on both digital and vinyl platforms, Fungas' energetic live shows continued to encapsulate their psychedelic madness, with constant rhythmic changes infused with experimental sounds. With the effects of Covid-19 slowing down gigs, 2020 hasn't stopped the band from writing and recording, with explorations into new sounds and instruments that aim to diversify their sound.