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Claire Pannell


liars, Early Gang Gang Dance, Pram


Furchick is Claire Pannell. Her most recent adventures were playing at Sound Summit and ouring New Zealand in 2011. Prior to that performing solo and as a guest artist with the Laundry Room Squelchers (USA) at the International Noise Conference in Sydney and Melbourne. Claire is currently producing the Analogue to Digital sound series at Scitech and performing solo with her music project as Furchick. She is a multi-instrumentalist with a rich and diverse musical history. She has numerous releases as detailed below. Born and raised in Perth, she ran away overseas for a few years. Way back in New Zealand she used to used to run The Stomach music centre, Valve zine and Yellow Bike Records with Dave White. She also funded a PhD at this time by working as a sound engineer. She played in many bands with wacky names there including Katerpillar Tractor Concept, K Tel Dancers, Froit Head, Claire's UnNatural Twin and one gig as Grandma's Death Gurgle. She then moved to NYC because its on the other side of the world and joined up with Gerard Cosloy and played drums in the improv noise project Air Traffic Controllers. She also played with numerous jam bands including The Armaround (with Tom Greenwood's Jackie O Motherfucker), Crawley Creeps with Josh Diamond of Gang Gang Dance and guest spots with Actress (with those nutty girls from IUD/Gang Gang Dance) and Spencer Sweeney. Back in Perth Claire met the two Chris’s (Chris Cobilis and Chris Hudson) and Sexy Band was born. Following that Furchick completed a few collaborative performance art projects with people such as Malcolm Riddoch, and the rest is happening now.