Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

pixies, Unkle, Slint

band members

Daniel, Luke, Benjiban, Todd and Jerram


Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, sonic youth


Galápogos syndrome (ガラパゴス化 Garapagosu-ka) is a term of Japanese origin, which refers to an isolated development branch of a globally available product. The term is a reference to similar phenomena Charles Darwin encountered in the Galápagos Islands, with its isolated flora and fauna, which were key observations in the development of Evolutionary Theory. The term Galápogos syndrome (ガラパゴス化 Garapag...osu-ka) arose as part of the dialog about Japan's position as an island nation, and related anxiety about being isolated from the world at large. It has been claimed that the indigenous American automotive industry has suffered from the Galapogos Syndrome – its products have evolved separately from the rest of the world. "The Galapogosization” of Japan continues. According to a survey released today, a shocking two-thirds of the country’s white-collar workers said they didn’t want to work abroad…ever. Brisbane Death Pop band Galapogos were established in 2010 and since then they have released one full length album (2011’s “Established Ghosts”) and twenty-two EPs. The bands second album is called "Feel or Suffer" and will be released on the 6th December 2013 via MGM. Despite their funny coloured feet people seem to like what Galapogos do and in return they love them back and send them letters in the post. Galapogos are always happy to wear the claws if you'd like that. Useful Links: Facebook - Bandcamp - Youtube - Instagram -