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Sounds like

Gambirra, Chocolate Strings, Nneka, Jahfe Music-Group

band members

Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitar - Gambirra
Bass - Ben Grono & Dave Butler.
Drums - Luke Fraser & Pete Smith.
Percussion - Steve & Luke Fraser
Lead Guitar - David Williams.
Keys - Gary Gatter
Horns - Jodi Kell
Backup Vocals - Ena Ayshe
Sound & FX Engineer - Izi DogEarz


Roots/Reggae, Dub, Soul, Funk



Mature content

30 Mar

MEEKA youth expo

Upper Hunter, 2330

Singleton Civic Centre, Queen Street, Singleton




Mature content

24 Apr

The Manly Fig

Sydney, 2095

4 west promenade, Manly



GAMBIRRA MOB - Where words fail... Music speaks. An Enlivening Crew with an Innovative Sound - Together they bring a positive message of Unity & Love.

Gambirra is an alluring performer and exhibiting visual artist. Possessing a style that radiates humanity taking us from the cauldron of creation to the sounds of the contemporary world.

A unique fusion of soulful progressive roots, ska, reggae, funk & dub.

For her national shows and festivals, this gifted Yolngu artist brings together a dynamic & diverse multicultural family in song, ‘Gambirra Mob’ - An Enlivening Crew with an Innovative Sound; Infectious percussive rhythms, funky keys, phat bass, powerful arresting vocals, and a magnetic presence.

With her roots deep in Yolngu country of Australia's Arnhem Land, NSW based songstress is a close relation to other well- known Yolngu artists i.e. Yothu Yindi and Gurrumul Yunupingu.

Gambirra's songs cross cultural barriers in their depth and significance. Together they bring a positive message of Unity & Love.

Artist’s Statement: “We delve into the creative, into the unknown. To places of fear, joy, hope, images, sound, colour, words, melody and technology. We are explorers of the unseen and the unknown. Chartering thru the wondrous and magical oceans of our minds and souls. We all affect one another; we enhance, provoke, embrace, divide, hate & love. Human’s are social creatures - we need each other for reflection, guidance and fulfillment” Gambirra

"A stand-out performer at the 2011/2012 Woodford Folk Festival featuring the Dreaming. Gambirra was not only a festival highlight on-stage but she also embraced new networks, colleagues and opportunities with absolute professionalism and generosity." Sam Cook - Director at The Dreaming.

"It was great to finally meet you and experience your great music. What an ensemble!!! You had an amazing turn out for a busy weekend in Mallacoota. You must come back. There has been nothing but raves about Gambirra's singing, the great players and production values of the concert. Great show! Lux invicta"

"2010 International Women's Day. Your performance was simply outstanding and moving. You are a wonderful role model to all women. As a Yolngu woman, your contribution towards sustaining your people's culture is evident through your passion and love of your music and art. Thank you once again." Nova Peris OAM Media & Communications Executive Unit - AIATSIS