Artist info


Indie, Dance

Sounds like

Modest Mouse, The Police, Radiohead

band members

Chris Kennedy - Vocals and Guitar, Alex Morgan - Vocals and Keys, Mitch Housler - Drums, Adam Noyce - Bass, Sam Physics Haus - Guitar and Keys,


The Police, Modest Mouse, Radiohead


Take your standard group of gents. Then add a guitar, four well groomed haircuts and a rooster. Add musicality and the ability to pluck, wail, and slap. These boxes are checked and indeed thought out by rural raconteurs, GAMBIT a throwaway geek chic reference to X-men, a nod to criminal gambling, and a stab at some sort of business thingy all in one. Carrying their mystique like a decrepit wise-man, GAMBIT’S identity remains a mystery to even the band themselves (now how’s that for superhero-y?!?). What IS known about this devout group of gyrating Jesuits is that they exhibit a style equal to or more camp than the love child of Sir Elton John and Ziggy Stardust. And that’s all you should need to know to want their musical lovin’ inside you. However if that’s not enough GAMBIT’S favourite colour is blue, most handsome member is their singer Chris Kennedy and favourite Led Zep song is Babe I’m gonna leave you. Anyone that says Stairway to heaven is a dick.