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Indie, Rock

band members

Nick Dangen - Guitar & Vocals Luke Mackay - Synth, Guitar & Vocals Mike Halliday - Bass Guitar Dillon Gorton - Drums


Oasis, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Neil Young, Bob Dylan


Welcome to Garden Island; an envision of mild hallucinations, an indie grunge diet and shitty suburban house parties. Garden Island are a four piece alternative rock band moving out of the bedroom into the living room and now out into the wild streets of Fremantle and Perth. The band's debut EP “Blunder Years", released last year, defeated their own expectations significantly, achieving well-rounded success locally here in WA with all five tracks gaining airtime (as well as a coveted Sound Selection inclusion of "No Darts") on RTRFM, and a string of plays on radio stations around the country. Just recently the song "Red-Eyed Raven" was included in the top 20 WA Songs of 2018 by Live and Local.

Following this momentum, and a run of rowdy summer gigs, Garden Island have released into the world their second EP, "Self-Destruction Blues". A combination of songs depicting the learnings and failings of the independence that comes with adulthood - when understanding more of the world becomes at once more clearer but more confusing. Written during those hazy times with a few brief moments of clarity, and perhaps a naive wisdom gifted with a touch of nostalgic hindsight, the new release displays a tighter, punkier and more wistful set from Garden Island (still with plenty of empty wine glasses lying around), reminiscent of walking home in last night’s clothes with the sun well and truly up, a wistful air of the good times had but a pang of morning reality’s regrets. Dust off and have a listen.