Artist info


Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Cure, Bauhaus

band members

Jon Weber - guitar, Atlas Harwood - bass, Marty Taylor - drums


Bridal silk, Neidpath

Unearthed artists we like

FOREVR, Roku Music


Gazar Strips is Jon Weber (guitar/vocals), Atlas Harwood (bass) and Marty Taylor (drums). The trio formed in Whitechapel (UK), opposite the East London Mosque. They are feverish bandits who straddled the mirror-licking East, the caviar-and-lace West, and the drunken anti-social South (the North of London was generally avoided due to its lack of top notch Indian restaurants).

At the beginning of 2012 Gazar Strips returned to Brisbane and recorded the dark miasma that was their Happy Valley debut with Branko Cosic and Lawrence English. In 2014 the brooding gothic gents dragged themselves out of the shadows in which they lurked, and working again with Cosic and English, brought forth Sparkling their second EP and first on Sonic Masala Records. Post a gruelling tour down the east coast of Australia the band is starting afresh, full of vim and vigour with a dash of the Bauhaus sinister.