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Indie, Pop


sweet Indie Pop

Sounds like

Ball Park Music, washington

band members

Jessica Braithwaite : Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Tap dancing percussion,--- Sean Braithwaite : Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Mandolin --- Lauren Fowler : Alto Saxophone, Vocals --- Scott Woollett : Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone ---Emma Hickmott - Clarinet, jangle stick --- Wade Francis : Drums --- Paul Thorsen : Double Bass



Emotional, red cordial, red wine.

Songs about highs, songs about lows. Songs about love, songs about shoes.

After playing the Big Day Out, Tour Down Under and Fringe Festival, Gemini Downs are back with big hearts and new music.

We've also written a song about gay marriage because we think love rules. The film clip is here: