Artist info


Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Melissa Etheridge

band members

Genevieve Chadwick - guitar/vocals/stomp


Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale


Every once in a while an artist emerges that touches audiences leaving them with the special sentiment that they saw this act before they were “BIG”. Genevieve Chadwick is one such artist and it is the punters who are spreading the word of her exceptional talent. With her smoky, vivacious vocals, gutsy stage presence, youthful dynamism, outstanding guitar work and a cache of superlative original material, Genevieve Chadwick is an extraordinary young performer on the cusp of greatness. Constant touring, smashing performances at major Australian festivals and a reputation for passionately giving it all at every show, has ensured this South Coast NSW local a loyal and ever growing army of followers. Genevieve dazzled punters at Woodford Folk Festival, earning herself a standing ovation. At Sydney Blues Festival last year she was invited on stage by three headliners in a row including Ash Grunwald and the Baby Animals. She has also performed at the Blue Mountains Folk Festival, Echuca Winter Blues, Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival and premier venues including The Sydney Opera House, where she received a standing ovation last year. She has been described as: “She’s the talent of John Butler, with the soul of Janis Joplin. A force truly to be reckoned with.” ,– LOTL, Sept 2010 "Genevieve Chadwick could quite easily be as big as John Butler - I'm making a personal prediction... she will be massive. Genevieve is an artist with exceptional and REAL talent both as a writer and as a singer; she is also a very accomplished guitarist. She looks like an angel, roars like a lion and plays guitar like a demon. She has the power within her to bring an entire venue to a complete standstill - just to watch and listen to her perform." - Cath Butler, Editor of the Groove, BASEQ DEC 2010 "Listening to Genevieve Chadwick's husky passionate vocals, I can't help but suspect that in a few years time she'll have truly carved out her own little nook in Australian blues, roots and rock and roll. With her rich melodies, gravelly voice and poignant songs of love, loss and freedom, this talented singer and guitarist from the south coast of NSW is starting to catch people's attention, even being likened to icons like Janis Joplin and Tracy Chapman." - Rebecca Howden, Lip Magazine, Feb 2011