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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Ally Georges


MUNA, The 1975, Betty Who, Julia Michaels, Missy Higgins, Whitney Houston, The Cranberries, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Avril Lavigne



GEORGE, an Australian artist shifting the borders on genres and styles alike; from alternate pop, to soft rock and the sounds of synth.
An artist seemingly nostalgic for the dance, colour and revolution of the 80’s and 90’s. We see influences throughout the sound and style of GEORGE’S music; effortlessly merging with a raw tone and personal lyrics. Only describable as the “unexplainable, yet beautiful phenomenon of making people dance and cry at the same time; making people feel free, even when they’re listening to something that is essentially about heartbreak”.

Her debut record ‘HANDSOME GIRLS AND PRETTY BOYS’ is the ultimate representation of tackling feelings, ideas and expectations that exist daily on a global scale. However contrasted with a joyful impression of sound; reminding people that being yourself is the absolute bees knees. GEORGE in essence, is an exploration of the human experience; constantly delving deep into her own reality to reflect upon the ideas of love and heartache.

Combining the beautiful complexities of natural emotion with a sound that is, simply put, difficult to forget. GEORGE delivers her version of love and life, served straight from the heart. From a tough embodied persona, comes a willingness to remain humble and honest; GEORGE will remind you to be unapologetically you.