Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Ben Folds, The New Pornographers, Barenaked Ladies

band members

George Begbie - piano, vocals, synth Allan Welch - drums Simon Kelly - bass David McEldowney - guitar, backing vocals, synth


David Bowie, Supergrass, Doves, Dire Straits, Decemberists, The Whitlams, Paul Dempsey



We all know someone who can’t sit still. Imagine a child who has had too much sherbet, we tell
them they should behave better, but we can’t help to enjoy their antics before the inevitable sugar crash.

This is evident when you see George Begbie at one of his energetic and steamrollering live performances – he’s just as excited as he was the first time he took the stage. Training as a classical pianist underneath a chilly mountain in Hobart, rock and jazz quickly became his favourites and he has worked as a solo performer, with his current band, and an electronic music producer and disco house DJ in the past.

Influenced by The New Pornographers, early Ben Folds, The Whitlams, and Supergrass, and brushing by Bowie, Sloan, Ladytron, and Dire Straits in passing. Their live sets, alternating between powerful summer pop hooks and the expansive nature of 70’s and 80’s synth-rock, have been described by one local punter as “a band of youthful misfits with blistering, anthemic songs”.

The line-up is completed by the Pete Townsend guitar sound of fresh-faced Dave McEldowney, his frantic guitar style and fabulous effects pedals and classic American valve amps. Simon Kelly is the seventies prog rock man, a technical bassist with cool, collected style and big hair. Allan Welch wanted to be in Porcupine Tree, but that doesn’t stop him keeping the steady rock drumming pace. He doesn’t stop smiling on stage, and no-one has a problem with that.

George's roots are in piano rock, but his direction of late has found him sneaking away from the keyboard to embrace the stage. "It might be clichéd, but our audience is the reason we do live shows.” George says, “Studio tricks are fun, but having a crowd dance with you is the best. And I thought, why should I spend the entire performance with my back to them at the piano? Expect things to get wild and undeniably 80s when the keytar comes out..." he teases.

The ever-present need for classification has caused many a sleepless night; “I know you can’t play everything, but I kinda want to” George says. “I’m a bit musically restless, I love it all, I’m certainly not good at it all but I like to try new things”.

“I’m a rock muso but I’m also really not. Kind of a nerd perhaps?”, George says. “I like lots of musical styles and I think the most important thing for our on-stage look is to look like we’re into it. So it’s fun to get up there with a silly outfit and poke a little fun at ourselves. I’ve seen many other bands of late doing just that, and everyone always has fun.”

November sees the release of his new EP, True Love, a solid rock exploration of the complex relationship between fear and love. These two are sometimes meant for each other but often improperly matched – resulting in beautiful combinations of joy and anxiety, hopefulness and hopelessness.

George sees throwing himself into the Berlin music scene, and greater Europe, but will return to tour Australia in November. The EP is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Bandcamp.