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Indie, Electronic

Sounds like

The Editors, Joy Division, Ultravox

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George Maas - Keyboards, violins, guitars, words and vocals, occasional percussion Rod Stanmore - occasional lead guitars on Those Who'll Never Speak. Rhythm sequences on Those Who'll Never Speak and Requium courtesy of Casio International and Shriro Australia


Tchaikovsky, U2/Ultravox, Stephen Forster


The album is here: "George Maas - A Window In Time (V2.0)". I was brought in a familiy of aspiring artistic parents who immigarated from Poland after the second world war. Along with my parents I always loved music and theatre but in my teens realized that it doesn't pay the bills and, being gifted in maths and science I went on to become a Civil Engineer. Subsequently went on to complete 2 masters degrees and got half way through a doctorate when one night in early January (2003 I think), I woke up during major alchohol self therapy in a motel room in Forster on NSW mid-north coast to the sound of Linkin Park's "In The End" (first time I'd heard it) on Rage. Promptly I remebered why I was born and what I was sent here to do and went out and bought myself a new keyboard, dusted off the violin and salvaged the Tascam 414 from the wretches of obsolescene in the wardrobe and got back to work. Since then, I've modernized my recording and production technologies somewhat, met up with Rod Stanmore and other musical aspirants, laggards and mainstream and fringe operators and defined a vision towards engaging the heart and soul of mankind with the words I write and the tunes that carry them.



18 Aug 2012


Awesome! electro...

Awesome! electro-goth cubism - yeah! Sounds a bit like Bis on smack and bulbs. Definitely weird and weirdly compelling. I'd love to hear something busier by this guy - already sounds like it's wound up too far. Really great

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