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Her audiences return to be entranced by her stunning presence & soulful delivery... Georgia-Rose Peaches Davies-Kefeček is a world class vocalist who performs her own songs under the moniker Georgie Jones. It’s not only a little easier off the tongue, it’s also a nod to David Bowie & of course, George Jones.

Through this stage persona, Miss Jones explores shadowy moods, writing soulful music for the purpose of soothing heartache. Jones' has collaborated with many artists & producers over the years (such as Jamieson Shaw in KIT) and is now embarking on her solo career. This process began as a therapeutic practice, whilst caring for her father through mental illness.

Writing from the heart and singing from the soul, Miss Jones emerged from the darkness, creating a dynamic musical journey in the vein of blues & country, sailing through vocally-driven songs with raw & honest lyrics.