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Getano Bann - Acoustic Guitar - Singer / Song Writer


Steely Dan, John Lennon, Bob Marley



Getano Jonathan BANN Singer, Song Writer, Story Teller, Registered Music Therapist GETANO was raised on the banks of the Pioneer River in his home town of Mackay, North Queensland, Australia. Music, dance, storytelling and humour were an influential and integral part of his childhood, growing up in an extended Torres Strait Islander Family. “My Father was a ‘Ten Pound’ Scot’s man who travelled to Australia from Aberdeen and my Mother a descendent from KEBISU a Head Hunting Chieftain from Iama (Yam) Island in the Torres Strait”. GETANO began his musical apprenticeship amongst the mangroves and the creek beds, daydreaming; creating poems, melodies and songs which were to form his first compositions. As a Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller and Entertainer for well over 25 Years, GETANO has been described as highly passionate, poignant, and often humorous. His songs are a rich blend and mixture of musical styles, from Smooth Latin, Kick ass Blues, Tender Soul, to Slick Funk, and emotional Ballads, cruisey Reggae and full throttle Rock. In amongst this musical feast GETANO intertwines family stories, cultural perspectives, life lessons, self reflective moments and gollops of humour, which makes a performance of irresistible listening and entertaining moments. GETANO works as a Registered Music Therapist specialising in Children and Adolescents issues including addictions, self esteem, anger, grief loss and bereavement and mental health. “I love working with these age groups because this is a significant and profound stage in all our lives”. “I have worked in numerous settings, situations and environments from Prisons, Youth Centres, Schools, Refuges, Flexible Learning Centres, Libraries, Detox Units, Hospitals, Respite Centres, Community Centres and Kindergartens. Some high-lights from GETANO’s career as a professional entertainer include, a professional Dancer (Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre), Graduate of CASM (Centre of Aboriginal Studies in Music), Dance Choreographer – Outback Children Spectacular (2,500 School children from Outback NSW 1988), Conceptualising and Coordinating ‘Peace in the Park (1990, the 10th Anniversary of the slaying of John Lennon), working with several theatre companies, including, the South Australian Acting Company’s production of ‘You Came To My Country and You Didn’t Turn Black’, and numerous Contact Inc Productions, events, tours and School Projects. Working as a guest presenter on the Humphy ‘B’ Bear show, performing at various high profile festivals including the Woodford / Maleny Folk Festivals, 4th South Pacific Festival (Tahiti), Bellingen Global Roots Festival, Queensland Writer’s Festival, Thredbo World Music Festival, Torres Strait Islander Festival, Warana, Winter Solstice, The Biennial, Dar’ Festival, Adelaide and Brisbane Fringe Festivals, NAIDOC Celebrations and Public speaking engagements. Some of the many talented acts and artists GETANO has supported and shared the stage with, include: Soweto String Quartet, Shane Howard and the Goanna Band, Kavisha Mazzella, Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter, Christine Anu, The Mills Sisters, Chris Wilson, Kevin Carmody, Epzo Bangora, Dya Singh, Global Roots Network, Lindsey Pollack, Mel Webb, Greg Sheehan, Humphrey ‘B’ Bear, The Wurrupi Band, Coloured Stones, Bart Willoughby (No Fixed Address) and Mary G. “One of my greatest passions is meeting interesting people, from fascinating and diverse places, listening to their ‘Life Stories’, as these stories help to enrich my life and inspire me to see what the world is truly about, and hopefully through my music I can inspire and enrich the lives of others along way”.